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Permanent mold casting is a process that utilises reusable molds, for high volume production to produce metal components. There are four main types of permanent mold casting techniques: gravity, slush, low-pressure, and vacuum.

The casting process involves pouring molten metal into a mould where it cools and solidifies. The mould is then opened, with the casting removed, and then the mould is reused. The mould is made from a high-temperature metallic material, such as cast iron or a die steel, which can withstand recurring heating and cooling primarily with larger volume production.

There are several advantages as to why you should use permanent mold casting.

  • The mold can be used repeatedly.
  • Good dimensional accuracy and finish.
  • High production rates.
  • Excellent directional solidification.
  • High cooling rate due to metal mold conduction.

There are a few disadvantages also to consider.

  • High tooling cost.
  • Low melting point metal can only be used.
  • Uneconomic for low volume production.
  • Chance of erosion risk when casting lower melting point metal.
  • Short mold life for iron and steel castings.
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Technical & Project Support

Barton International calls upon the combined experience of Midlands based manufacturing as well as utilising global, low-cost partners. Supplying medium to high volume precision manufactured products. Utilising a diverse range of metal fabrication, metal forging, metal formwork, metal casting, rubber and foam conversion and plastic moulding manufacturing techniques.

Your valued enquiry will be managed by a designated Project Manager, who will offer technical support and full collaboration throughout your project. With on-site support if required, advising the best product solution to suit your application. Barton International have a wealth of manufacturing knowledge and offer CAD support, ensuring cost competitive quotation.

The next phase would be tooling and product testing, supporting our customers with fast-efficient tooling and precision manufactured samples. Upon sample approval Barton International will support with our partners medium to high volume production, with full assembly available within the UK if required.


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An established and fully sustainable supply chain network formed over the past 100 years with a rich history, based at the very heart of the United Kingdom.

Our service doesn’t stop when a project has been awarded, it is just the beginning. With warehousing and logistics managed by your designated Account Manager, ensuring that parts are delivered OTIF and to schedule. With tailored packaging available to suit your on-site requirements ensuring efficient product handling.

Quality you can trust, accredited with ISO9001. With quality inspections at factory base and on- site at Barton International. Ensuring product durability and optimal high performance within product application.  

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