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Why Your Overhead Cable Management Needs Dropwire Brackets


Read our product guide to discover why investing in high-quality dropwire brackets is essential for safe and efficient overhead cable management in telecommunications.

With over 4,470 miles of overhead cable lines across England and Wales, overhead cable management is crucial in ensuring power supply and telecommunications get efficiently and safely distributed across the nation. 

Part of this supervision is maintaining overhead cable conditions with management and safety procedures provided by the correct installation of dropwire brackets and clamps. 

In this piece, we discuss the benefits of dropwire brackets and share the best products available on the market. Let’s explore.

Overhead cable management helps the distribution of long-distance communications. Discover the benefits that make it ideal telecommunications.

The Benefits of Dropwire Brackets

1. Cable Support

Designed to hold and support cables in vertical or diagonal positions, dropwire brackets securely fasten cables in place to prevent sagging and potential damage.

As the cables hover over natural environments, they reduce the risk of the wires hanging too freely over obstacles like tree branches or buildings.

Dropwire brackets ensure overhead cable systems stay elevated and secure from various environmental factors like wind, rain and UV radiation.

2. Cable Separation

Multiple wires and cables running along the same route can create confusion and potential operational issues, such as crosstalk and interference.

With dropwire brackets, overhead cables can become easily separated. This feature is particularly valuable when supporting data and communication cables.

3. Accessibility

By separating the cables, dropwire brackets help make them more accessible. Therefore, when engineers or technicians need to perform maintenance works for single wires or specific cables, they can identify and access them with ease and convenience.

As a result, this feature improves overhead cable management safety, with cables easier to identify and repair without interference.

4. Satisfy Compliance

Dropwire brackets help telecommunication suppliers comply with industry protocols and safety regulations. In securing overhead cables in an elevated position, they are valuable components, ensuring organisations meet legal UK requirements for overhead cable management.

5. Neat Aesthetics

Beyond practical purposes and when professionally installed, dropwire brackets also help contribute to a tidy appearance. This benefit is more appreciated and expected in residential, urban, and commercial environments with more eyes in the skies.

Best Dropwire Bracket Products

Now we know the benefits of dropwire brackets, let’s explore the best products available for your project.  As a UK-leading provider of dropwire brackets, Barton International has made its name “simplifying the supply chain” since 1898.

Here is a list of our high-quality, ISO9001-accredited dropwire bracket products to support your overhead cable management needs:

Hook aerial cable NO1 - Barton International

1. Hook Aerial Cable NO1

As a nylon-coated, predrilled holed, steel “J” shaped hook, our Hook Aerial Cable can support aerial cables on joint user poles. The nylon coating of this product ensures the underlying steel remains protected from any corrosive substances.

This protective feature enables the steel fitting to sustain its structural integrity when securely attached to the joint user pole.

2. Fixing Bracket 51

Fixing Bracket 51 is a galvanised steel dropwire “L” shaped bracket with a welded loop and predrilled holed plate for convenient attachment. 

The galvanised steel coating protects the integrity of the bracket from corrosion. These types of fixing brackets enable engineers to attach dropwire clamps when additional height clearance is required. 

With a 600mm x 350mm width, this fixing bracket provides more clearance, unlike other fixing brackets like Fixing Bracket 44.

Fixing Bracket 44 - Barton International
Fixing Bracket 44 - Barton International

3. Fixing Bracket 44

The Fixing Brackett 44 is the same galvanised dropwire “L” shaped product design as the Fixing Bracket 51, only with smaller dimensions, 420mm x 210mm. 

On unrendered brickwork (without cladding), the design of this bracket is made to accommodate 2x Bolt Expanding 2A with a maximum span length of 68 meters.

4. Fixing Bracket 32

Unlike Fixing Brackets 51 and 44, Fixing Bracket 32 is a “J” shaped dropwire bracket. Fixing Bracket 32 is coated in galvanised steel to maintain structural integrity with four predrilled holes for attachment convenience.

However, the dropwire span limit is 40 meters. This bracket requires four No 12 x one Zinc plated screws when securing timber.

On brickwork, without cladding or rendering, Fixing Bracket 32 requires two Stud Expanding 1A and two No 12 x one-half zinc plated CSK screws and Plugs Screw Fixing 1A.

Fixing bracket 32 - Barton International
Triangular fixing bracket 22 - Barton International

5. Triangular Fixing Bracket

As a galvanised steel drop fixing bracket, Triangular Fixing Bracket 22 has three holes and a welded loop. Engineers can attach a dropwire clamp to a building on a multi-pole route without a pole ring.

The Triangular Fixing Bracket 22 is suitable with 36f ULWC, BIRLA, CDC, HFCL and Dropwire 10A. 

6. Drop Fibre Cable Clamp

Our Drop Fibre Cable Clamp is a 7mm, stainless-steel coated steel clamp used for quick toolless installation when securing overhead dropwire cables for wooden poles, otherwise known as “transmission poles”, “telephone poles”, “telecommunication poles”, “power poles”, “hydro poles”, “telegraph poles” or “telegraph posts”.

The dimensions of this drop fibre cable clamp are 580mm in length by a 14mm loop diameter.  

Drop fibre cable clamp 7mm - Barton International

Invest in the Best Dropwire Brackets for Your Telecommunications

As a senior partner with BT Openreach and a proud member of the UK telecommunications sector, Barton International has a history of providing high-quality and reliable products for overhead cable management.

We’re an ISO9001-accredited organisation sourcing and co-designing commonplace products alongside supporting supply chain management, stockholding and distribution.

For more details on how we can provide the ideal dropwire solutions for your overhead cable management needs, get in touch today.   

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