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How Cobra Rodding Systems Can Enhance Your Underground Cable Management Requirements


Learn all about how cobra duct rods improve underground infrastructure operations by streamlining and supporting installation and maintenance solutions. 

Managing underground infrastructure is not easy, especially when maintenance is required.

With over 4 million kilometres of buried pipes and cables in the UK, we’re sure that digging up the ground in busy, built-up, urban environments is the last thing your business needs. 

But when cables need fixing, what choice do you have?

Discover how a cobra rodding system can help you manage your underground cable infrastructure without the expense and inconvenience involved in excavation.

Cobra Rodding System - Barton International

Learn all about how cobra duct rods improve underground infrastructure operations by streamlining and supporting installation and maintenance solutions. 

What is a Cobra Rodding System?

Cobra rodding systems are used to install, maintain, and repair underground utility conduits, such as electrical cables, fibre optics, and sewer pipes.

Also called “duct rods” or “flex rods”, cobra rodding is made from fibreglass or composite materials that coil around a reel in the form of a circular metal frame like a wheel.

Cobra rodding provides a high-tensile strength solution designed to support underground cable installation and management systems. In essence, the rodding runs into ducts, passageways or cable structures. The rod is flexible and easily bends as you push-feed through ducting channels or pipes.

Cobra rodding can navigate obstacles, such as machinery, with the rodding available in various sizes to suit specific duct requirements. One of the main functional features is that it facilitates cable laying underground without excavation.

When dealing with underground cable management, excavation can prove costly and dangerous, with 46,000 accidents every year in the UK and 10% resulting in fatalities.

So, by using a cobra rodding system, you’re already saving time and money while remaining protected.

How to Use a Cobra Rodding System

Ensuring efficient installation and maintenance of various underground infrastructure and processes requires proper usage of cobra rods.

Despite duct rods having specific applications across different industries, here is a general step-by-step of how to apply cobra rodding correctly:

Assess your application requirements and the type of cobra rodding you need based on length and conduit size.

Alongside your tools, ensure you follow safety measures and establish an official risk assessment to evaluate or remove hazards.

Before using your cobra rodding, inspect it for damage or signs of wear and ensure you replace any damaged parts, including the accessories like the end fittings, pulling grips, etc.

Follow the instruction manual and guidelines to properly attach the end fittings and see the rod is coiled and mounted correctly on the reel, ready for deployment.

From the access point, feed the cobra rodding carefully into the desired conduit, duct, pipe or channel. During this pull/push-feed process, try to keep control of the rodding to prevent kinking or tangling.

Depending on your application, the cobra rodding can push or pull through the conduit, duct, pipe or channel.

To push the rod, apply forward force from the access point with firm yet controlled pressure. For pulling, secure the rod’s trailing end to the pulling grip and tow from the end using the necessary tool or equipment like a winch.

You can use a guide or locator to ensure the cobra rodding moves along the desired route. Identify any bends or angles beforehand for preparation.

Monitoring your cobra rodding is possible with the latest digital integration technology. Some more sophisticated cobra rodding systems can even operate remotely for increased safety and efficiency.

After the flex rod has reached its destination or completed its application, retrieve it carefully. For pulling applications, remember to disconnect the pulling grips from the rodding.

Job done, but ensure you inspect the cobra rod and its components for any damage or wear, ready to replace. You can assess for defects while cleaning the rod to help maintain its condition.

Make notes of the cobra rodding operations as a final measure of good practice, with any significant details recorded for further reference and insights that can become valuable future information.

Different Cobra Rodding Applications

Although they have a general function, cobra rodding systems have separate applications for different industries. These applications include:

Cobra rodding assists in laying and repairing fibre optic cables, supporting your seamless data transmission and connection services. 

Cobra rodding helps simplify the installation and maintenance process for power and water distribution systems.

When construction processes are required underground, cobra rodding provides a system for conduit installation and ensures connectivity.

Cobra rodding is pivotal in maintaining sewage and drainage systems to deliver efficient wastewater management solutions.

5 Cobra Rodding System Benefits

Now that we have a clear definition of cobra rodding and understand its functions, let’s explore the advantages of hiring or investing in your own cobra rodding system:

With cobra rodding systems, you can count on longevity and durability as they get manufactured to withstand harsh conditions underground.

In expediting cable installation and maintenance, cobra rods help streamline operations by reducing downtime and overall costs.

Cobra rodding can navigate intricate underground channels and pathways, managing bends and awkward angles if necessary.  

Cobra rodding works for various applications across multiple industries, such as telecommunications, power distribution, and wastewater management.

The composite or fibreglass materials mean cobra rods are non-conductive, making them safe for electrical cables and lines.

Connect with Underground Cable Management Experts

At Barton International, we’ve been helping to simplify the supply chain since 1898. Our core focus remains managing and delivering reliable, quality-assured, cost-effective products with ISO 9001 accreditation.

The cobra rodding products range is the latest cable management solutions we offer to support a range of industries, including telecommunication and broadband, public utilities, civil engineering and transport and infrastructure.

To learn more about how our high-quality cobra rodding system solutions can enhance your underground infrastructure requirements, get in touch today and receive a free assessment.

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