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For more than 100 years Barton International has designed or co-designed and manufactured many common place products for the Telecommunications sector in the heart of The Black Country.

Barton International began as a supplier to the telecommunications and utility sectors where engineering competence and a value for money supply chain are vital. The company calls upon the combined experience of Midlands based manufacturing as well as utilising low-cost global partners. The group has been trading in China for over thirty years and has built up a solid network of quality approved suppliers and owned tooling.

Our focus is the management and delivery of a reliable, competitive, quality assured, resilient and sustainable supply chain. Together with testing, assembly, warehousing, and logistics, still in the heart of The Black Country. We are proud of our partnership with the UK Telecommunications sector from our very beginning and remain a Senior Partner with BT Openreach.

Today, as for the last 25 years, Barton International continues to use this knowledge and experience of design and manufacturing to provide an established supply chain, from preferred suppliers with design, tooling, and production capabilities in modern manufacturing plants around the world.

The Telecommunications and Broadband sector remain core, together with Public Utilities, EV Charging Infrastructure, Transport Infrastructure and Civil Engineering.

We are focused on delivering best cost, delivery, and quality across a broad range of products and processes. Primarily focused on steel fabrications, presswork, fasteners, aluminium extrusions, technical foam, and rubber sealing. Barton International is also committed to providing support through product design, testing, final assembly, packaging, and logistics solutions.

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